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Transforming the Dining Experience with Interactive 3D Models & Immersive AR Technology.

Transform Your Menu Into An Immersive Experience

With DineInAR, bring your menu to life with our cutting-edge AR technology. Let your customers explore, interact, and make an informed decision with just a few taps on their smartphone.

Experience Your Meal Before You Order

Discover dishes in a completely new way - see the ingredients, size, and even the texture before placing your order. Make your dining decision interactive, fun and effortless.

The Process

  • We Create: Collaborating with restaurants, we generate interactive 3D models of menu items, bringing their culinary creations to life.
  • You Scan: No need to download an app. Simply scan the QR code on your menu or table tent with your smartphone.
  • You Interact: Use your smartphone's browser to explore 3D models, now in Augmented Reality (AR). Rotate, zoom, and view dishes from every angle.

Features and Benefits

Empowering Dining: Features and Benefits of DineInAR

Experience the revolution in dining with DineInAR's distinct features and benefits, designed to make your culinary choices immersive, precise, and delightful.

No App Download Required

Our platform is web-based. There's no need for an app, reducing friction for your customers.

True-to-Life 3D Models

We make sure our 3D models accurately represent your dishes. No more surprises or unmet expectations.

Easy Access

A quick QR scan is all it takes to access your interactive AR menu.

Interactive Exploration

Engage with your dishes like never before. Rotate, zoom, and explore every angle before you order, ensuring your choice aligns perfectly with your appetite.

Frequently asked questions

DineInAR is a cutting-edge, web-based platform that employs Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) to generate detailed 3D models of menu items, which are then showcased using AR technology. This allows customers to effortlessly interact with these models, exploring the dishes from all angles via their smartphone's browser. Simply scan the provided QR code to embark on this immersive culinary journey with DineInAR.

Embrace the Future of Dining Today

Begin your journey with DineInAR and redefine your dining experience. Try us out, commitment-free, and witness the revolution.

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